Intelligent Biped is a forum for discussing ideas, issues and solutions with a focus on our inherent human characteristics of cleverness and kindness. This forum is called "intelligent biped" because I believe kindness and cleverness to be interdependent at a biological level. Simply put, bipedal animals can't have big brains without fundamental kindness and nurturing. This forum will share and discuss issues, ideas and solutions that use and enhance our inherent cleverness and kindness amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Welcome to my first post as a blogger!
It took a lot of brain storming to come up with a title that accommodated the disparate and eclectic topics I wished to cover, including:  health, fitness and diet;  family;  philosophy; and, the various animals that accompany us on our journey! 
Those who already know our family through social media or, astonishingly, real life will know how passionate we are about these things.  I hope to share some of that passion and compassion for life, to share some of the learning and challenges encountered on our journey and to provide a forum for others to join in discussion as intelligent and kind human beings!
Excited?  I am!

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